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The most basic and essential jute commodities fabricated in Indian jute mills are :
Canvas (ID # LJ1029) : It is the finest jute item, woven with highly premium grades of fiber. Jute canvas and screen lamination along with paper polythene is widely used in mines and for getting protection against weather.
Sacking Cloth (ID # LJ1030) : Made up of low quality jute fibers, sacking cloth is loosely woven heavy cloth used for packing sugar, food grains, cement etc. Weighing from 15 to 20 ozs, several qualities are available in this category like Twill, hy Cees, D.W Flocer, Cement Bags and many more.
Hessian Cloth (ID # LJ1031) : It is a plain woven superior quality jute fabric, weighing between 5 and 12 ozs, a yard. Hessian cloth is highly exported all across the world in the form of cloth, bags etc. Also known as burlap, this cloth is vastly used in wide ambit of applications.
D.W. Tarpaulin (ID # LJ1032) : This product is majorly used for coverings on a very high multidimensional scale.
Bags (ID # LJ1033) : Used mainly for shopping, bags are usually fabricated from sacking or hessian cloths. They are often decorated with varied artistic designs and with straps, chains and handles in several dimensions and shapes. Other category of bags are promotional bags which are manufactured to promote items for sale.
Hydrocarbon free jute cloth (ID # LJ1034) : This cloth is fabricated by treating jute with vegetable oil. It is a hessian fabric, hydrocarbon free cloth, widely used for packing different food materials, cocoa, coffee, peanut beans etc.
Serim Cloth (ID # LJ1035) : It is a light weight hessian cloth, used in felt industry for reinforcing the non woven fabric and for strengthening paper with lamination.
Tobacco sheets (ID # LJ1036) : Used for wrapping tobacco leaves, tobacco sheets are made up of hessian cloth.
Decorative items (ID # LJ1037) : The vast variety of decorative products are made up of jute fabrics like wall hangings, toys, table lamps, paper, decorative bags, furniture and many more.
Hessian tapes and gaps (ID # LJ1038) : They are made up with hessian cloth, woven with gaps at regular intervals and the cloths cut between the gaps to make small width taps.

Jute Handicrafts
Jute Wall Hangings (ID # LJ1010)
Jute Coasters (ID # LJ1011)
Jute Table Mats (ID # LJ1012)

Industrial Jute Goods
Jute Felt (ID # LJ1013)
Jute Webbing (ID # LJ1014)

Jute Furnishings
Jute Mats & Durries (ID # LJ1015)
Jute Cushion Covers (ID # LJ1016)
Jute Upholstery (ID # LJ1017)

Jute Carpets & Mats
Jute Rugs (ID # LJ1018)
Jute Mats & Durries (ID # LJ1019)
Jute Carpets (ID # LJ1019)

Jute Apparel
Jute Jacket (ID # LJ1020)
Jute Footwear (ID # LJ1021)
Jute Fashion Accessories (ID # LJ1022)

Jute Textiles
Jute Hessian cloth or Burlap (ID # LJ1023)
Jute Geo Textiles (ID # LJ1024)
Jute Yarn (ID # LJ1025)

Jute Textiles
Jute Hessian cloth or Burlap (ID # LJ1026)
Jute Geo Textiles (ID # LJ1027)
Jute Yarn (ID # LJ1028)

Curently centered across the Indian subcontinent, trading of jute is widely applicable in many countries. The top ten jute producing countries are Bangladesh, India, China, Côte d'Ivoire, Thailand, Myanmar, Brazil, Uzbekistan, Nepal and Vietnam. Amongst them, Bangladesh & India are the largest exporter of raw jute & Jute items. Hence, the local price of Jute in both the countries is the international price. The demand for jute is like a derived need and approximately 75% of jute items are used as sacks, burlaps and packing materials.
One of the major third jute outlet i.e Carpet backing cloth has been growing fast in terms of importance. Up till now, this backing cloth comprises around 15% of world's jute goods consumption. The remaining ones are applicable in many industrial uses like twine, ropes, decorative fabrics, carpet yarn, cordage, padding, felt and other miscellaneous items.
Recently, apart from woven industry, due to one of the most cost effective highly tensile natural vegetable fiber, jute has entered in the non woven industry too. Thus, trading of jute has made its way in the automobile sector. Now, jute is also used in the fabrication of eco friendly interiors for different automobiles and cars.
Jute bags
Jute bags imprinted with designs can be used for promotion of a company or as a corporate and personal gift.
Cotton bags
Cotton bags in various shapes, styles and sizes are ideal for almost all occasions and can be put to number of uses.
Jute designer bags
Jute designer bags are manufactured in every possible design and have an inimitable style.
Christmas bags
Christmas bags are ideal for both personal use and corporate promotion and gifting.
Jute Garments
We manufacture an exclusive range of Jute Garments in unusual patterns including stripes, checks and in different color combinations.
Jute Home Furnishings
Our exclusive and stylish range of Jute Home Furnishings are created keeping in mind the varied tastes and likes of customers.
Jute Cushion Covers
Made from eco friendly material, Jute Cushion Covers have been an inherent part of the home furnishings.

Jute Wall Mats
Attractive Jute Wall Mats in bright shade combinations and attractive weaves are easy to wash and maintain.
Jute Trays
Innovatively designed and easy to clean, maintain and durable Jute Trays can last for years to come.
Jute Placemat
Attractive Jute Placemat in spectrum of shades and attractive weaves are easy to wash and maintain.
Jute Carpets
Hand woven and machine made Jute Carpets are in innovative designs and patterns are in demand the world over.
Jute Accessories
We design and create elegant and highly fashionable Jute Accessories from superior quality and eco friendly jute.
Jute Stationery
Our collection of Jute Stationery is both stylish and handy. These products are designed for both corporate and personal use.
Jute Mats
Attractive Jute Mats in bright shade combinations and attractive weaves are easy to wash and maintain.
Jute Bags :
Jute Hand Bags
Jute Beach Bags
Jute Shopping Bags
Jute Sling Bags
Jute Hessian Cloth Bags
Jute Sacking Bag
Jute Hydro-Carbon Free Bags
Jute Wine Bottle Bags
Jute Christmas Bags
Jute Promotional Bags
Jute Food Grade Bags
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